Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet (Top 5 and Buying Guide)

Flat feet are altogether annoying; you need to constantly spend on insoles that provide arch support and stability. And when you want to shoot some hoops, flat feet can be a bigger pain, but only if you wear the wrong shoes. In addition to insoles, experts also recommend wearing proper footwear, so today, we’ll be sharing with you all about the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

Everyone knows that flat feet require special footwear; the same goes if you want to practice your favorite sport. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur player or a more serious professional; if you have flat feet getting proper footwear can alleviate additional issues and let you focus on your game.

Work shoes for flat feet

Flat feet cause a lot of discomfort and pain, so it’s important to understand that not every shoe is right for every foot. Some models come equipped with an orthopedic insole that offers both stability and cushioning for your feet. This is why these shoes can avert problems such as calluses, bunions, ingrown toenails, and foot pain.

In a few words, basketball shoes for flat feet will allow you to perform to the best of your ability without worrying about pain in your feet and even possibly being unable to play. Stick around and learn about some of the best basketball shoes for flat feet, features, look, price tag, reviews, user tips, and more. Hey, you might find your next favorite pair in this guide.

Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet Reviewed In This Guide

  1. Best Overall Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet: PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes
  2. Best Seller on Amazon Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet: Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe
  3. Best Affordable Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet: Mens Running Shoes Type Sneakers
  4. Best Stylish Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet: Lou Williams Lightning Professional Basketball Shoes
  5. Best for Kids Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet: ASHION Kids Basketball Shoes High-Top Sneakers

How To Choose The Perfect Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet?

When buying the best basketball shoes for flat feet, first, you need to consider several factors and determine which design is suitable for you and your feet’ needs. People with flat feet often develop plantar fasciitis as a side effect; proper arch support is key in this case.

When it comes to basketball shoes with arch support, your number one priority should be a pair with minimal arch support. In addition, the best shoes for flat feet should also have a proper balance of cushioning and overall support.

The best basketball shoes for flat feet are designed to treat your flat feet with the utmost support and comfort. This means you can run along the hardwood and use them regularly.

Look for flat feet basketball shoes that are made with high-quality material and ergonomic design. Furthermore, some pairs are entirely waterproof, which makes them more user-friendly than they already are.

Additionally, you must consider important factors such as the balance of cushion, support, and fit. And, of course, those orthotics need to fit just right. Remember, balance and footwork are crucial in any sports shoes.

Ideally, when picking out a new shoe, especially one focused on flat feet, you need to put an emphasis on comfort. Do your best to get something that has a lot of interior padding that properly supports your sole.

Strong bases and good ventilation go a long way in that regard.

Types Of Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

High-Cut Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

A fully enclosed upper offers greater ankle support. High-top sneakers are the heaviest type of basketball shoe you can wear. They offer maximum ankle protection but decrease your ability to have bursts of speed.

This can impact your ability to respond in a fast break situation. The ankle support high tops are great for those who jump most of the game.

Mid-Cut Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

This more open design provides a blend of sufficient ankle support and a little more flexibility. Mid-top basketball sneakers sit right at your ankle, allowing a player to move better.

This does mean that there is less stability in the shoe when you have increased movement. These shoes are great for those who want to have quick bursts of speed and an average amount of jumping.

Low-Cut Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

The low profile allows for more flexibility and cutting. The low-top basketball sneaker gives you the least amount of ankle support of all the basketball shoes. They are also the lightest sneaker you can wear.

These sneakers allow you to be fast and quick but do not offer much support for jumping. This type of shoe is perfect for someone playing the position of guard, who can give up some ankle support because of the need to be able to be quick and fluid on the court.

Performance basketball shoes with arch support

All sneakers have performance in mind to help players play their best game. Each player is unique and has their own specific needs making a specific shoe the ideal performance sneaker for them.

The best way to pick a performance shoe for a player is to select a shoe of an athlete that they would like to mimic on the court. Each athlete has a shoe designed specifically for them and how they play.

Outdoor Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Most nonprofessionals who play basketball will play outside. Outdoor courts cause a large amount of wear and tear on the rubber outsole. When looking for an outdoor shoe, a player wants a super durable shoe that provides heavy traction.

When playing outdoors, the terrain is often rough on the feet and knees, so one wants a show that provides a large amount of support and protection.

Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet List

1. PEAK High Top basketball shoes with arch support

On Sale Today Peak high top basketball shoes with arch support
(7826) Amazon prime


  • Seamless Integrated Weaving
  • Stabilization Module
  • Wear-Resistant Rubber


  • They Run Big

High-quality integrated weaving combined with a hot-melt process to fully reduce the discomfort of the foot and provide comfortable wrapping and support.

The outsole of the Streetball Master is thick and solid, with a deep traction pattern that will wear nicely outdoors.

A stabilization module that rolls up on the outside of the forefoot and bulges outward, providing support for the lateral movement of the foot and reducing the chance of spraining.

What Our Testers Say

These shoes are great; I use them as my basketball shoes. Yes, they are truly slip-resistant and feel great. The style and comfort were just what I was looking for. I absolutely love to play basketball in them.

The wear resistance has been greatly improved, which can better adapt to the conditions of plastics, cement, etc., in the field and avoid the impact of the shoe service life due to the excessive wear of the shoe.


Make sure you get a 1/2 smaller as they run a little big. I wear a 10 1/2 and bought a ten, and they felt great.

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2. Under Armour Unisex Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

On Sale Today Under armour unisex basketball shoes for flat feet
(3830) Amazon prime


  • Rubber Sole
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • TPU Film Toe Cap
  • EVA Midsole


  • Pricey

These flat-foot basketball shoes are light, comfortable, and tough enough to last all season, making them a go-to court shoe year after year. A breathable upper with synthetic overlays for added durability & support.

These also feature engineered perforations for added ventilation. TPU film toe cap for added protection & durability. Air mesh tongue for added breathability & a comfortable fit.

What Our Testers Say

Surprisingly these shoes fit exactly my Jordan 14s (last shot). I have wide feet. It fits great, and it looks great. It has a great grip on the outdoor, which is also great if you have an injured ankle, as I do. The material feels very durable. This is important if you weigh over 230 pounds. I paid only 38 pounds. I bought these also it was a bargain. There are other options in retail price. Don’t miss these if you find a good bargain.

The plush sock-liner maintains its shape for all-day comfort. EVA midsole delivers a lightweight & responsive ride. Durable solid rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern for ultimate on-court movement & control.


Do not use a washing machine or dryer. It will cause damage. Start by brushing off excess dirt from the outsole. Then mix warm water with a drop of detergent. And apply a small amount to a sponge to clean dirty. Areas you can also remove the insoles.

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3. Mens Running Sneakers Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet


  • Blade Sneakers
  • Mesh Upper
  • Rubber Sole
  • Insole Honeycomb Hole Design


  • Not Waterproof

These basketball shoes with arch support represent a fashion unique design, the perfect choice to pair with any occasion. The ultra-lightweight support and breathability let your foot always keeps dry and cool.

Knit upper material makes it possible that your feet free to breathe when you run or walk. It’s soft and protective to cushion your every step.

What Our Testers Say

I purchased these shoes as a surprise gift for my husband a few years ago, and he immediately loved their look. And then he fell in love with how comfortable the shoes were on his feet while working in it, and also he received so many compliments from people that others started actually purchasing the same kind. Very fashionable and unique style of shoes and affordable price that anyone can easily purchase with no huge burden on their shoulder. Great as a gift for a loved one or yourself!

The elastic blade soles have high flexibility, allowing the shoes to bend strongly while sports.


Since the original insoles weren’t very supportive, I got a good pair of dr schools, and they are now more supportive; you can do the same if you experience the same issue.

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4. Lou Williams Lightning Professional Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

On Sale Today Lou williams lightning professional basketball shoes for flat feet
(1645) Amazon prime


  • Anti-Slip
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • High-Performance


  • Pricey

These basketball shoes with arch support are made to offer just the right balance of support, comfort, and flexibility to boost your performance on the court and win basketball games, making them ideal for professional athletes and beginners.

The flexible material and the soft and breathable sock liner ensure you stay comfortable running around while providing underfoot cushioning and support. The perforated leather and knit fabric offer better ventilation to prevent sweat build-up.

What Our Testers Say

I have flat feet and I love the fit. A good amount of space in the toe box too, which I prefer. My most recent basketball shoes were Kyrie 4’s (Nike) in size 11.5. Those fit very snug. PEAK has stated the Lou Will Crazy 6 (Lightning) fit loose, so I went with size 11. And worked out great for me. I use OTC arch supports too. Great purchase. I would highly recommend it.

It uses a durable rubber outsole to make basketball shoes for men that offer better cushioning, more stability, and long-term use. They provide the perfect fit for rubber turf courts, cement floors and anywhere else you want to play.


Wash with soap and water: Mix warm water and a little bit of eco-friendly laundry detergent. Gently apply the mixture to your basketball shoes with a clean washcloth. Rinse clean.

Either rinse the washcloth, use a clean one dipped in warm water, and wipe the excess cleaning detergent from the shoes.

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5. ASHION Kids Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet


  • Rubber Sole
  • Comfortable Insole
  • Unique Design


  • Narrowed across the toe box.
  • Delicate material.

What We Like:

What We Don’t Like:

Kid Basketball is made of PU upper material with colorful camouflage print for boys with molded quarter panels built for breathable, structured support that comfortably locks in the foot, fashion looking

This Kid Basketball shoe with a one-piece solid rubber outsole with a herringbone traction pattern and camouflage under the sole provides exceptional grip & control on the court

Kid Basketball shoes for boys and girls, which Shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch. The front of the toe of the shoe is naturally up 15 °. Vertical and horizontal flex grooves give you flexibility in all directions.

What Our Testers Say

My son loves these basketball shoes. The grip on them is awesome. It has three velcro straps to keep your foot locked down in the shoe. And if you have a kid that doesn’t like tying shoe laces, this comes in real handy. Cool style, we got the black and orange. A great option for growing kids and not having to spend a lot of money on a pair of basketball shoes that they’ll grow out of before the season is over.

Kid basketball shoes with soft insole provide a comfortable feel and fit.


Select shoes ½ size smaller than you usually purchase. For example, if you usually wear a size 10, you may want to consider choosing a size 9.5 to ensure a comfortable fit.

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flat feet basketball shoes Buying Guide

What Are Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet?

With constant jumping, starting, and stopping, basketball shoes are designed to act as shock absorbers and provide ankle stability with the flexibility to allow players to move laterally. As such, basketball shoes can be much bulkier than running shoes.

Basketball shoes for flat feet or sneakers are specially designed to provide good ankle support and excellent traction on the court.

How Do Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet Work?

The basketball shoe has four primary parts: the upper, the insert, the midsole, and the outsole.

The importance of each shoe component’s characteristics should be assessed according to the player’s playing needs, physical structure, and athletic capabilities.

A basketball shoe for flat feet is then designed to handle lots of baseline to baseline running and the action at midcourt and under the basket. Remember that players also jump, pivot, and brake fast and quickly in addition to running, covering the court many times.

Features To Look For In Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet


The upper part of basketball shoes for flat feet offers the player support and security. A snug-fitting upper will stay in place and not allow the foot to move around in the shoe.

The laces or other closing systems are found on the shoe’s upper part; some models have an additional strap that helps hold the foot in place.


The shoe’s midsole is arguably the most important part of the shoe because it is where the cushioning is found. As such, the midsole has been the focus of many sports performance research over the years.

The cushioning design and materials are key to the shoe’s effectiveness. Cushioning is typically made from a variety of foam materials, as well as EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and compressed EVA.

Comfort & Durability

The best basketball shoes with arch support for flat-foot players should comprise a well-designed rubber sole. While many basketball shoes come with rubber outsoles, proper basketball shoes for flat feet should not be too rigid.

Rigid outsoles can hurt the player’s feet over time, leading to serious complications. The rubber sole should be able to absorb pressure while walking successfully.

Arch Support

A good flat feet basketball shoe aims to keep your foot securely in place when you move around. That cuts down on discomfort and makes you less likely to get injured.

Poor arch support often leads to misalignment of the entire body, leading to knee, pelvis, hip, and back problems.

All these problems can easily be avoided by choosing proper basketball sneakers that offer proper arch support for the players’ foot type.

Players with flat feet should avoid basketball shoes with too much arch built in them as it can overstretch the arch, leading to injuries and pain.

The right basketball shoes should offer proper support to the arch and keep the player’s feet as low as possible to the surface or ground.


The material of your basketball shoe with arch support should make it the perfect match for the shoe. Imagine a mesh with a woven design and TPU coating, with padding on the inside to protect your skin.

This material must be super flexible as you walk or run around. It might be a bit stiffer at first but should flex out and feel good once broken in. It should be incredibly breathable and super comfortable even in the roughest games.

Ergonomic Sole Construction

The soles and footbed of the basketball shoes for flat feet must be designed to create extra cushioning for you. These layers must be shock absorbent, breathable, and act as extra padding for your feet.

Players who deal with flat feet know the importance of a good sole. While many shoes on the market have durable bases, you need something a bit more specialized.

When picking out a shoe for your specific shape, make sure to get something that perfectly molds to your foot.


Some shoes have special technologies that help to stabilize your foot and provide extra support. This one’s critical: a sneaker with strong torsional rigidity will ensure the most sensitive area of flat feet isn’t doing more work than it should.

The less structure a sneaker has torsionally, the more work your foot tendons must do to stabilize the foot.

Make sure that the shoe you’re buying has some sort of torsional system in place. Midfoot shank plates or torsional plates are the most common systems for basketball models.


Finding a shoe that fits well and provides comfortable support is important. You won’t really find a basketball shoe with a flat base, but you can track down models that are close to it.

This one’s fairly obvious: the more in tune a shoe’s structure is with your foot, the more comfortable your movements will feel. Playing in a sneaker with a pronounced arch area will apply unneeded pressure to the arches of your feet and potentially cause pain.


You should also consider the type of shoe. Some people prefer low-cut shoes, while others prefer high-tops.


Having flat feet often affects our balance greatly. Lack of balance makes us more prone to injuries and contributes to poor execution and fatigue.

To provide the highest safety in any condition, basketball shoes for flat feet should have a shock-absorbent soft footbed. As a result, you can walk and run on rough terrain without feeling a thing on your flat foot; the shoe will absorb all the impact.

Lacing System

The best basketball shoes for flat feet feature a lockdown lacing system that provides flat-footed individuals with the support they need. You need excellent lockdown and containment.

Each unnecessary shift inside the shoe during any movement introduces a chance of additional pain and a sense of insecurity.


Making sure that the shoes are the right size is one of the most important factors when it comes to playing basketball. If the fit isn’t right, the player’s movements will not be as comfortable and as natural as they should be.

This is why it’s important to wear basketball shoes that fit and make you feel comfortable while running on the court.

Common Questions About flat feet basketball shoes

What are flat feet?

Flat feet, also known as pes planus, have to do with the bones in your feet. When someone has flat feet, it means they have bone position lower than high or usual arches.

Most people have a slight arch in their feet; some have high arches, where the bones in their feet curve up more.

So with flat feet, the arches fall so low that the entire foot touches the ground. The foot makes a clean line between the floor and the flesh when seen from the side. There’s no pouch of air where the foot’s arch creates space between the foot and the floor.

Do flat feet need arch support?

If your flatfeet are painful, your doctor might suggest Arch supports (orthotic devices). Over-the-counter arch supports may help relieve the pain caused by flatfeet. Or your doctor might suggest custom-designed arch supports, which are molded to the contours of your feet.

What do podiatrists recommend for flat feet?

Orthotic devices can help correct gait or structural abnormalities and prevent additional problems from developing. These devices can help with conditions that may affect your spine and limbs. If you have flat feet, orthotic devices should be custom-made to give you adequate support.

Most experts agree that shoes with a supportive sole are best for flat feet. Look for a shoe with a firm but cushioned insole to support the surface of your foot.

The sole of the shoe should be flexible but not floppy. It should move with your foot and provide support while you walk or stand.

Are high-top shoes better for flat feet?

Wearing high-heeled shoes puts a lot of pressure on the front half of the foot. It can cause pain and damage the tendons. If possible, choose a low heel with cushioning and heel support.

Are Kyrie 5 good for flat feet?

It is simply among the most effective shoes on the basketball court. The Kyrie 5 delivers impact protection and enough court feel, giving the maximum bite on clean courts. The shoe is recommended for flat-footer players and those who move a lot on the court.

How do you kill the smell on basketball shoes with arch support?

  • Find the cause of the smell and deal with it accordingly. For instance, if your insoles have an unpleasant odor, you can take them out and let them dry.
  • Put your shoes out in the sun or near a heater to dry them out. That way, you’ll hinder the bacterial growth that causes the unpleasant smell.
  • Next, drop your shoes in a plastic bag and freeze them overnight. Low temperatures kill bacteria-producing odors.
  • Apply baking soda to smelly shoes and leave it overnight to absorb before cleaning it out the next morning.
  • Leave fresh orange, lemon peel, or grapefruit in your stinky shoes overnight.

Enjoy Your New Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Without proper footwear, flat feet and basketball do not go together. In the worst-case scenario, you could end up with pain in the feet, ankles, and knees. So if you have flat feet and play basketball, it is extremely essential to find basketball shoes for flat feet.

Remember that flat feet basketball shoes are specifically designed to provide the support you need.

Do not forget to send questions, suggestions, or comments you may have. We are always happy to hear from you.

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Photo of author
Jacob Marks is a footwear expert and the author of With years of experience in the footwear industry, Jacob has become an expert on shoes for flat feet and is passionate about helping others find comfortable and supportive footwear solutions.
Photo of author
Jacob Marks is a footwear expert and the author of With years of experience in the footwear industry, Jacob has become an expert on shoes for flat feet and is passionate about helping others find comfortable and supportive footwear solutions.