Dress Shoes For Flat Feet (Top 5 Rated and Buying Guide 2022)

It’s the end of a busy day, and your feet feel it. Things only get worse if you suffer from flat feet. When you deal with flat feet, you probably find yourself in need of a variety of shoes like dress shoes, work boots, and workout sneakers; we get it, and we also get that these types of shoes must all support your flat feet through all of your activities. This is why today we’ll be telling everything about dress shoes for flat feet.

If your flat feet are painful, your doctor could suggest Arch supports (orthotic devices), which may help relieve the pain caused by flat feet. Or custom-designed arch supports, which are molded to the contours of your feet. Of course, it is no proper secret footwear is also in order.

Dress shoes for flat feet

And while you may think that your work and social life are ruined because your footwear options limit you, this is not true. Here is where stylish yet comfortable dress shoes for flat feet enter the room and save the day. That’s right, the perfect dress shoes with arch support are engineered with your unique needs in mind.

When you have flat feet, wearing ill-fitting or poor-quality shoes can cause long-term or permanent damage to your feet and other body areas. In this case, it is better to stick to what makes your feet happy and invest in the perfect dress shoes for flat feet. If you have no idea where to look for them, stick around and review our top recommendations and buying guide.

Dress Shoes For Flat Feet Reviewed In This Guide

  1. Best OverallDress Shoes For Flat Feet: Dockers Men’s Leather Oxford Dress Shoe
  2. Best Seller on Amazon Dress Shoes For Flat Feet: Clarks Women’s Emslie Lulin Pump
  3. Best Affordable Dress Shoes For Flat Feet: Bruno Marc Men’s Oxford Dress Shoes
  4. Best Clip-Ons Dress Shoes For Flat Feet: Clarks Men’s Tilden Free Slip-On Loafer
  5. Best Wedge Pump Dress Shoes For Flat Feet: LifeStride Women’s Dreams Wedge Pump

How To Choose The Perfect Dress Shoes For Flat Feet?

To make a final decision when buying dress shoes for flat feet, first, you need to consider several factors and determine which model is suitable for you and your feet’ needs. They can all be good shoes for flat feet if you know what you’re looking for.

When picking out the best flat feet dress shoes, they must have arch support. Given that your arches have fallen or are low to the ground, you need to wear flat feet shoes designed to cushion and support them.

Anatomical arch support will counter over-pronation, stabilizing the foot and preventing the worsening of flat feet. And thus, making such footwear comfortable enough to be worn by flat-footed individuals.

Women with flat feet tend to need a wide-fit shoe. Experts recommend looking for wide flat feet shoes wherewith spacious toe-box prevent cramping your toes.

So if you have flat feet, you are more likely to apply greater force on your toe and heel area, so make sure you look for shoe durability, support, and cushioning in the heel areas too.

However, the most important factor is that your dress shoes for flat feet must be a perfect size and shape for your feet.

Types Of Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

The Oxford Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

The most basic and timeless dress shoes Oxfords is an excellent starting point. The versatile Oxford shoe can be dressed up or down for formal and daily wear.

The most recognizable trait of an Oxford shoe is its “closed lacing”; this means that the shoe’s facing is attached beneath its vamp. This arrangement provides a slim silhouette that hugs the foot’s contour.

The Derby Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

The Derby is similar to the Oxford, but it’s a more casual dress show. Derbies are often miscategorized as Oxfords since their shapes are very similar and their differences are very subtle.

The critical difference between Derbys and Oxfords is that the Derby shoe has its facing attached to the vamp. This is called “open lacing” and allows for a wider fit.

The Monk Strap Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

A laceless shoe is more formal than the Derby but less formal than an Oxford. A Monk Strap is similar in shape and construction to an Oxford, but instead of an eyelet closure, it has a wide swath of leather fastened across the front of the shoe.

This wide strap is fastened with either a single or double-buckle closure.

The Loafer Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

The loafer is a moccasin-inspired shoe that is known for its slip-on style. Loafers often have a saddle decoration that might be a plain strap, a strap with a slit (as with penny loafers), or a metal ornament.

Tassels or a kiltie might hang from a saddle, while the minimalist loafer (the Venetian) has an exposed vamp without embellishment or ornamentation.

Opera Pump Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

Opera pumps are slip-on dress shoes. They are traditionally made of patent leather and are adorned with a grosgrain bow.

Though not as popular today, opera shoes occasionally appear at full-dress events. If you’re a fashion-conscious individual, you can wear opera pumps with a tuxedo or suit at a ritzy soiree.

Chukka Boot dress shoes with arch support

A lace-up boot with only two to three eyelets on each side. Chukkas are ankle-length boots with few eyelets. The absence of many eyelets and the short shaft allow for a snug fit that won’t disrupt the shape of one’s trouser legs.

Also, Chukkas have a rounded toe, minimal stitching, and open lacing (similar to the derby). They are traditionally made of soft suede, but there are now many versions from which to choose. Desert boots are a much more casual, rubber-soled version of the Chukka boot.

Chelsea Boot Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

The Chelsea boot is a versatile laceless ankle boot. These ankle-length boots have rounded toes, low heels, and elastic gussets on the sides.

Because of these elastic gussets, one can easily pull on and slip off the shoes without compromising the refined silhouette of a laced boot. The absence of laces contributed to Chelsea’s slim, clean shape.

Dress Boot For Flat Feet

The dress boot is a short lace-up boot. It is constructed like an Oxford but with a longer shaft. A dress boot is built like an oxford and is very often the same shape but with a longer shaft.

This short, lace-up boot may feature wingtip brogueing on the toe and along its seams.

Dress Shoes For Flat Feet List

1. Dockers Men’s Oxford Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

On Sale Today Dockers men's oxford dress shoes for flat feet
(8185) Amazon prime


  • Rubber Sole
  • 100% Leather
  • Flexible Construction


  • Small Room Upfront

The dress shoes for flat feet have a rubber sole and polished full grain leather uppers. They also have padded collars which add an extra layer of comfort.

They feature a flexible construction for all-day wear and a durable, siped rubber outsole for maximum traction on wet surfaces.

Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association for quality and effectiveness in allowing for normal foot function and promoting good foot health.

What Our Testers Say

These are my husband’s go-to black shoes for work or anything “dressy.” In fact, we are now on our second pair of them. When they start looking a little rough, I just take some black shoe polish to the leather, and they get going for another round, just about as good as new. They fit as expected, and the first pair held up for over a year before we threw in the towel and bought new ones. This sturdy product holds up well and looks good even after a lot of wear and at a reasonable price point that works for our family. They look stylish, good have a cushion on the footbed, and have good soles.

Styles for hard-to-fit sizes that include WIDE widths and sizes 7, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. Tried and true, this docker customers consistently choose this perennial style favorite.


You will have to polish and shine them once in a while, which brings them back very nicely.

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2. Clarks Women’s Pump dress shoes with arch support

On Sale Today Clarks women's pump dress shoes with arch support
(8044) Amazon prime


  • Manmade Sole
  • 100% Leather
  • Block Heel


  • Pricey

A supple leather shoe designed for maximum comfort. A low, chunky heel boosts height without creating a challenge, and a simple hook-and-loop closure provides an easy and adjustable fit.

Layers of Clarks Cushion Soft padding with an impact-absorbing OrthoLite footbed reduces the shock of each step. The Emslie lulling is an exciting new shoe from the Clarks collection.

What Our Testers Say

This was purchased as my 12-year-old daughter’s first heel. I wanted something that was not too high or unstable and comfortable. This turned out to be the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever purchased! She had to walk several blocks to an event and did not complain about her feet being sore or tight. In fact, she said these shoes were just as comfortable as her tennis shoes, which was awesome news to me!! I DEFINITELY recommend this shoe for those who need a comfortable shoe, which is not too high, nice looking, and can withstand hours of standing up pain-free.

These dress shoes with arch support are great for work or play; this mary jane will keep you comfortable with cushion soft technology and ortholite footbed.


The 2-inch heels are just the right height for me and they are the kind that doesn’t make the loud sounds that high-heeled shoes typically make.

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3. Bruno Marc Men’s Oxford dress shoes with arch support

On Sale Today Bruno marc men's oxford dress shoes with arch support
(6934) Amazon prime


  • Removable footbed liners
  • Spacious back heel.
  • Arch support, comfortable.
  • Breathable, washable.
  • Anti-slip.


  • Difficult Sizing

Built with a soft latex padded insole. These men’s dress shoes ensure comfort and cushioning in each step.

What Our Testers Say

I am a seasoned classical music performer. I have owned so many pairs of dress shoes over the years I’ve lost count. Whenever I have to buy another pair, I am filled with a bit of dread. I spend long hours in dress rehearsals and in performances standing on hot stages wearing dress shoes. More often than not, they are either costly, ugly, or super uncomfortable. I am happy to report that these Bruno Marc shoes are inexpensive, elegant, and comfortable. The patent-leather styling also compliments my tuxedo very nicely. When interior padding starts to wear down, I believe I will have no trouble fitting comfortable support insoles inside in a year.

These feature a smooth synthetic leather upper with a plain toe that delivers a distinctive shine for your everyday looks. These oxford shoes with a stacked heel offer a classy finish. An unbeatable retro design completes your closet perfectly.


The latex foam insole I felt supported my feet well, and I could walk for quite a while without discomfort.

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4. Clarks Men’s Loafer Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

On Sale Today Clarks men's loafer dress shoes for flat feet
(5851) Amazon prime


  • Leather Sole
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Non-marking Outsole
  • Lightweight


  • Poor Fit

Flat-foot dress shoes offer ultimate comfort thanks to purposeful padding, providing a softness surrounding the foot. It also brings soft uppers for full flexibility and easy movement.

What Our Testers Say

This is the indestructible shoe. This particular pair is my second. The identical previous pair was worn for 4 years – its first two years was used as my formal wear shoe, and eventually was relegated to my work shoe where I walk into shops in a sales support capacity. I still use the previous pair in that capacity, and this new pair will be my new formal wear shoe for the next several years. Hopefully, since I bought the first pair, they’ve kept the same manufacturer as they were fantastic.

This pair of dress shoes for flat feet have complete underfoot comfort with full-length cushioning. You can also count on a lightweight ortholite footbed for added breathability, sustained support, and moisture management.

Clarks has been in business for over 100 years, making excellent men’s dress shoes in various styles.


I wear a ten almost always and heard these run big, so I got a 91/2, and that was the right call.

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5. LifeStride Wedge Pump Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

On Sale Today Lifestride wedge pump dress shoes for flat feet
(4952) Amazon prime


  • 100% Leather
  • Stability
  • Highly Flexible Outsole


  • They Run Big

Dress wedge featuring lifestride soft system offers comfort thanks to cushy and breathable foam which softens every step. Support, with extra arch and heel support for balance and stability. As well as, an ultra-flexible outsole that makes every step easy.

LifeStride has you covered with the most current looks and must-have styles. What you want, what you need, and can’t live without. Each season LifeStride delivers on the latest trends with a dynamic attitude and distinctive flair.

What Our Testers Say

This is my second pair of these Lifestride wedges. These are great for long days in the office and have good support. The wedge heel makes them easy to walk in, and they’re very light, unlike some wedge shoes which can be bulky. There is just enough stretch to accommodate any swelling from long periods of standing and flying while traveling. Highly recommend these as an affordable option for comfortable and stylish shoes.

From the sophisticated appeal of a high-heel dress shoe to the wear-everywhere versatility of a casual boot, LifeStride has the essential looks no wardrobe should be without. When it comes to women’s shoes, there’s more to LifeStride than meets the eye.


I wear a size 8 in every other shoe but needed a 7.5 in these. They run big.

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flat feet dress shoes Buying Guide

What Are dress shoes with arch support?

In general terms, a dress shoe is anything that’s not a sneaker, boot or any style of footwear that exposes your feet; which means a brogue, a Derby, an Oxford, or a monk-strap shoe.

Most understand that by a dress shoe, you mean strictly speaking a highly polished, or patent, black plain-toe or cap-toe Oxford. Dress shoes for flat feet are designed to offer the needed stability while providing the arch and metatarsals the much-needed support.

A dress shoe for flat feet has to be aesthetic because you’ll wear it to parties and your workplace, where people arguably check out your footwear the most.

How Do Dress Shoes For Flat Feet Work?

Look forward to finding the right size, fit, and support for your unique foot shape

From front to back, a dress shoe consists of four parts: toe, vamp, facing, and quarter. The placement and construction of these four pieces determine the individuality of a dress shoe.

Dress shoes for flat feet work by providing much-needed arch support, heel stabilization, and depth. Nothing like a pair of quality orthotics shoes that delivers comfort and support for the feet.

A few features which distinguish a pair of excellent dress shoes for flat feet from their ordinary counterparts include good arch support, wide toe box, added depth, shorter heels, and breathable leather material.

Features To Look For In Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

Arch Support

The best dress shoes for flat feet offer arch support, but not all support is appropriate for every foot. Go for the brand that feels most comfortable. This proves especially problematic for buyers who are getting their first flat-foot-friendly pairs.

Go for arch support right in the middle of cushiony and stone-immovable. The foot arch collapses when you move or lift heavy items.

If the supporting material is too cushiony, it’ll collapse when you lift heavy items leaving your weakened arch without support.

Shoe Fit

Shoe sizes are not universal, especially among brands that address flat feet. The average buyer can live with a shoe that’s a few inches too wide or narrow, but not so if you have flat feet.

If your footwear is too broad, it antagonizes any motion control and arch support features the shoe offers. If it’s too tight, it will be uncomfortable and may also prevent the tendons in your muscles from moving.

That, in turn, keeps them from growing in strength, undermining recovery where the flat foot isn’t genetic.

Room For Insoles

You’ll almost always wear your dress shoes with socks if you’re a man. For every gender, the inclusion of flat-foot designed insoles increases the comfort and usability of your shoes. Always leave room enough for these accessories.

Lace System

  • Open Lacing: quarters are sewn on top of the vamp, and the facing can flap open to the tongue. More flexible fit but slightly less formal.
  • Closed Lacing: quarters and facing are secured under the vamp. Les flexible fit but more formal.

Toe Style

  • Plain Toe: Plain-toe shoes are as simple as it gets. The vamp is unadorned, and the resulting look is clean and unassuming.
  • Cap Toe: Cap-toes feature a horizontally stitched line across the vamp that “caps” the toe. In most cases, a separate piece is stitched over the vamp. But sometimes, the cap is accomplished by a decorative stitch across a single piece.
  • Split/Apron Toe: The split toe, otherwise known as the apron toe, features a seam that starts at the middle of the toe, runs around the shoe, and ends at the middle of the heel. This toe style is more common in casual shoes.
  • Medallion: The medallion style has a plain toe, with hints of brogueing on top of the toe.
  • Wingtip: This toe style has a winged cap that peaks in the middle of the toe. Wingtips often feature brogueing in the toe’s center and along the cap’s seam.
  • Brogueing: Any dress shoe style can have brogueing. Brogue simply refers to decorative perforations in various patterns. Originally, the tiny holes were intended to allow water out of shoes when crossing the wet terrain. Brogueing is most often seen on Oxford, Derby, and Monk Strap shoes in four-toe cap styles: full brogue, longwing brogue, semi-brogue, and quarter brogue.


Stability features like a medial post provide extra arch support to prevent overpronation. People with a collapsed arch or injury are more likely to need stability features than someone whose foot has a naturally low arch.

Keep in mind that stability features add weight to the shoe, which can increase fatigue.

Motion Control

Motion control features are the next step from stability features in preventing overpronation. Guard rails and internal frames that guide the foot through a neutral gait are among the most aggressive motion control features.

Like stability features, any additions to the internal structure of the shoe add weight.


A flat foot tends to be more flexible than average. Extra cushioning absorbs impact and prevents shock from over-flexing the foot. Plus, cushioning makes the sneaker feel more comfortable, especially when you’re on your feet all day.

Shoe Width

Someone with a neutral arch has a curved foot shape that’s narrower through the midfoot. However, a flat foot causes more of the foot’s sole to come into contact with the ground, putting a wider portion of the foot in contact with the shoe.

Flat feet shoes with a wider last or that come in wide widths make room for your foot to get full shoe support.

Removable Inserts

Shoes with removable inserts allow you to use a pre-made or custom orthotic. Footwear without a removable insert requires you to put your custom insert on top of the footbed. Consequently, the toe box and heel may not fit correctly.

Common Questions About flat feet dress shoes

Do dress shoes have arch support?

Traditional men’s dress shoes, dress casual shoes: Don’t have removable insoles. The shoes’ insides are made of leather or synthetic materials that don’t provide cushioning or arch support.

However, there are areas of shoes like the ones in this guide that are designed to offer the kind of support flat feet require.

What does it mean to have flat feet?

Flat feet or pes planus, pes valgus, or overpronation are exactly what the name implies; the feet are flatter on the bottom and allow the entire sole of the foot to touch the floor when standing.

Flat feet are normal in babies and toddlers because the arches in their feet haven’t yet developed. Most individuals develop the foot arch throughout childhood; however, some will never develop arches in their feet.

Do flat feet need arch support?

If your flat-feet are painful, your doctor might suggest Arch supports (orthotic devices). Over-the-counter arch supports may help relieve the pain caused by flat feet. Or your doctor might suggest custom-designed arch supports, which are molded to the contours of your feet.

What do podiatrists recommend for flat feet?

Orthotic devices can help correct gait or structural abnormalities and prevent additional problems from developing. These devices can help with conditions that may affect your spine and limbs. If you have flat feet, orthotic devices should be custom-made to give you adequate support.

Most experts agree that shoes with a supportive sole are best for flat feet. Look for a shoe with a firm but cushioned insole to support the surface of your foot.

The sole of the shoe should be flexible but not floppy. It should move with your foot and provide support while you walk or stand.

Can you wear loafers with flat feet?

Loafers are a wardrobe staple. And if you have flat feet or fallen arch, you may find that it is difficult to find comfortable loafers for your flat feet. All flat feet shoes should have arch support, cushioned soles, durable leather uppers, and a wide toe box.

Should I wear insoles for flat feet?

You do not require treatment if you have flat feet and do not experience symptoms. If the flat feet are causing pain, supportive, well-fitted dress shoes can significantly help.

Fitted insoles and custom-designed arch supports (orthotics) work great in relieving pressure on the arch and reducing pain for feet that roll too far inward.

When should I shop for dress shoes?

Shopping for dress shoes later in the day is always a good idea. The feet tend to swell as the day passes.

Shopping at the said time ensures you get shoes that fit the best for flat feet, giving you maximum comfort. Also, remember to wear to try the shoe on your larger foot.

Enjoy Your New Dress Shoes For Flat Feet

Dress shoes for flat feet are waiting for you! Now you know that there’s no need to decline an invitation to the next party for not having the proper dress shoes with arch support.

Keep in mind that the perfect pair of flat feet dress shoes will offer commendable arch support right out of the box, which can be improved by introducing an appropriate insole.

Please send questions, suggestions, or comments you may have. We are always happy to hear from you.

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Photo of author
Jacob Marks is a footwear expert and the author of FeetInsole.com. With years of experience in the footwear industry, Jacob has become an expert on shoes for flat feet and is passionate about helping others find comfortable and supportive footwear solutions.
Photo of author
Jacob Marks is a footwear expert and the author of FeetInsole.com. With years of experience in the footwear industry, Jacob has become an expert on shoes for flat feet and is passionate about helping others find comfortable and supportive footwear solutions.